A Day out on the river…

…Re-introducing myself to some old acquaintances.

Some of you may be aware that I’ve been doing some delivery for the Field Studies Centre at Gilbert White’s House recently, teaching “river studies days” It keeps my skills sharp and gives me a chance to keep my experience portfolio as broad as possible. I’m really enjoying myself, the sessions are a lot of fun and I get to work in the open air.

Yesterday I was teaching a group from a Portsmouth school and had this conversation when they arrived:

Teacher: you’ve been here a while. I didn’t come last year but I remember you from the year before.
Me: I’m not sure you do.
Teacher: But I do remember you.
Me: Yes, but not from here.
Teacher: [pause] You’re the man from the Royal Marines Museum aren’t you?
Me: That’s right. Don’t worry, we won’t be doing drill this morning.


I was really touched. I checked my records when I got home. The last time I taught this school was in 2014 and yet the performance I gave was so memorable that, in spite of me being in the wrong place, the teacher still recognised me.

It’s one thing to think I’m memorable, it’s another thing entirely to be presented with independent evidence of it. I was a very happy man.

Below is the GPS trace for the day, which I always find interesting, but disappointing as the hills are never as big in Strava as they are in real life.



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