Why should you use Past Participants as your consultants?

Past Participants offers a learning consultancy service based on over twenty years’ experience of creating quality learning experiences. We specialise in designing and formal and informal learning for all ages across a range of subjects. We pride ourselves on creating learning that engages and surprises, with an emphasis on active learning and learning through play to create immersive experiences.

We have been commended on our creative approach to design and willingness to embrace new ways of working. So, whether you want a new session for your venue, creation of self-led resources or a review of your whole learning service, Past Participants can deliver something special for you.

Past Participants are rebuilding

We're rebuilding our website at the moment. While we are putting the new site together, things will be changing a lot and some links may go to old content.

If you would like to discuss the new things we are offering, or would like to book us then please give us a shout.

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