Why should you book Past Participants for your school?

Past Participants have created really immersive, kinaesthetic, hands-on learning sessions that will leave everyone enthused about the subject. They have been designed to engage diverse audiences, placing an emphasis on active learning and creating a positive environment. The aim is that everyone enjoys themselves as well as learning, all delivered in a unique style that really is memorable.

The sessions are bespoke, created in consultation with you to make sure that we cover the exact learning outcomes you want. I have considerable experience of designing and delivering age-appropriate sessions for all ages so the sessions are suitable for key stages 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the complexity of the messages you are looking to convey.

Past Participants are rebuilding

We're rebuilding our website at the moment. While we are putting the new site together, things will be changing a lot and some links may go to old content.

If you would like to discuss the new things we are offering, or would like to book us then please give us a shout.

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