Schools sessions

Past Participants’ school sessions are designed to make an impact. Visually impressive, brilliantly delivered by an excellent communicator and based on solid learning outcomes.

I will bring an instant “wow” factor to the classroom as I arrive in the uniform and persona of a historic Royal Marine of your choosing, but there is more than just visual impact I am a skilled teacher and highly knowledgeable historian with two decade’s experience as a learning professional.

The true value of Past Participants is in combining the impact with the skill and the knowledge to create an unforgettable learning experience for your students.

The sessions are bespoke, created in consultation with you to make sure that we cover the exact learning outcomes you want. I have considerable experience of designing and delivering age-appropriate sessions for all ages so the sessions are suitable for key stages 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the complexity of the messages you are looking to convey. I have been successful in exciting groups across the full spectrum of engagement from gifted and talented to students who have been excluded from mainstream education. Just get in touch and we can make sure that the sessions are just what you need.

All of the sessions make a great launch pad for a new topic or a really engaging way of consolidating learning. As they are all tailored to you, we can make sure that they tie into your topic perfectly.

My academic and professional background in environmental archaeology mean I am very comfortable delivering sessions from across the humanities and sciences. This breadth of knowledge places in me an excellent position to answer those inevitable questions from left-field.

Whichever session you choose I will guarantee a day to remember.

Take a look below to out more about the sessions I deliver.
If you would like something a little different, get in touch. I’m more than happy to discuss the options or even to look at something entirely new.

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