School Shanty Singing Sessions

Singing in public can be an intimidating experience. There is nothing like a character from history to overcome inhibitions and encourage people to express themselves.

This is what the Past Participants shanty singing sessions are all about.

Singing together can be an amazingly uplifting experience, it encourages people to join in and can give unexpected people a moment in the limelight. Shanties are an amazing format for encouraging people to join in. Their call and response nature means that students can engage safely in a group, singing repeated parts of the song. They don’t need to learn many lines in order to feel they are contributing and they don’t need to expose themselves to the embarrassment of singing solo.

I introduce the songs with games and actions before we begin to ensure that everyone has a level of engagement they are comfortable with. I will be the one exposing myself to ridicule if I’m off-key or out of tune so there really is nothing stopping people joining in. The session is a lot of fun, where the excitement and engagement often builds towards a crescendo by the end.

The shanties are carefully chosen to have age appropriate content and language. They are put together into a set of songs that uses complementary and contrasting melodies and rhythms. We will also reflect the roles of the songs on board and on what they say about life at sea, particularly in the Royal Marines, in years gone by. As well as enjoying themselves the class will learn something along the way.

For older groups, more confident individuals can be handed verses, passing more creative ownership whilst still maintaining a focus on the enjoyment of singing together.

To find out more, or to book a session:

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