First World War History

Curriculum links (History)

KS1: events beyond living history that are significant nationally or globally
KS2: British history beyond 1066
KS2: a local history study
KS3: Britain 1901 to the present day

By starting with the personal stories of those who took part this session brings students face to face with the stories of the soldiers who took part in the First World War, looking particularly at the Western Front. I come into your class in the role of a member of the Royal Marines Light Infantry and lead the group in uncovering the stories of two of my comrades during the battle of the Somme. One a stretcher bearer and one a signaller, their stories highlight the varies experiences of those on the front line. We will find out what job they were doing, what they thought and what happened to them. These individuals are used to show the students what life was really like.

As the conscripts for the war and Royal Marines were drawn from across the country this session is the ideal launchpad for a local study as well as looking at the war in its wider sense.

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