First World War Storytelling (English)

Curriculum links (English)

KS2: plan writing by noting and developing initial ideas
KS2: perform their own compositions
KS3: write accurately and at length for pleasure
KS3: speak confidently and effectively

The diaries and letters of Royal Marines are all compelling stories. At a personal level the story of the First World War is one of a collage of individual stories told by returning soldiers.

In this session I will come into the class in the Role of a member of the Royal Marines Light Infantry and tell my story before introducing the class to other stories they can explore. In groups we will work together to create stories that draw on their understanding of the war. They will take part in a game where they work collaboratively to create the story of a small group of soldiers on the Western Front in a session that builds communication and cooperation as well as improving composition.

This session is particularly suited for groups and individuals who find composition and group creativity challenging.

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