Second World War Computing

Curriculum links (Computing)

KS2: design, write and debug programmes
KS2: Select, use and combine a variety of software
KS2: use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly
KS3: undertake creative projects

This session is under development. If you are interested in hosting a pilot session, please get in touch.

The stories of soldiers who took part in D Day are fascinating and revealing. In this session students will work in groups to design and create simple interactive exhibits that use computers and real objects to tell the stories they have learned to others.

I will come into the class in the role of a Royal Marines Commando signaller and introduce them D Day before setting them the task of creating an exhibit that tells the story they have been given. They will work with computers and real objects to create buttons, sound recordings and the programmes that will bring those stories to life.

This session brings together subject knowledge, computing, basic science and creativity to produce results that surprise and delight!

To find out more or to book a session please get in touch

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