Second World War History

Curriculum links (History)

KS1: events beyond living history that are significant nationally or globally
KS2: British history beyond 1066
KS2: a local history study
KS3: Britain 1901 to the present day

Over 32,000 Royal Marines took part in Operation Neptune, known as D Day, in an amazing variety of roles on ships and boats; in the air and, eventually, on land. Through the stories of the individual Marines who took part this session brings the events of June 6th 1944 to life for your class.

In the role of a Second World War Royal Marines Commando I will introduce the students to the operation before assigning groups to uncovering the stories of individual Royal Marines who took part in ships, landing craft and on the beaches. Through their personal stories the class will begin to understand the experiences of these individuals and the realities of D Day.

D Day and the Royal Marines in particular drew troops from across the country so this session makes an ideal springboard for a local study.

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