Trafalgar History

Curriculum links (History)

KS1: events beyond living history that are significant nationally or globally
KS2: British history beyond 1066
KS3: Britain 1745-1901

This session is under development. If you are interested in hosting a pilot session, please get in touch.

Get under the skin of the Battle of Trafalgar as I come into your class in the role of a Royal Marine from 1805. Join me as I take you to the gun decks of the British fleet, find out what conditions were like for sailors and marines who crewed Nelson’s fleet. Find out the realities of life and warfare at sea including diet, signalling and gunnery.

Through immersive activities you will encounter actual members of Nelson’s fleet through their diaries and letters, bringing their experiences to life.

To find out more or to book a session please get in touch

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