Trafalgar Storytelling (English)

Curriculum links (English)

KS2: plan writing by noting and developing initial ideas
KS2: perform their own compositions
KS3: write accurately and at length for pleasure
KS3: speak confidently and effectively

This session is under development. If you are interested in hosting a pilot session, please get in touch.

Much of what we know about the battle of Trafalgar has come to us from stories told by people who were there (and sometimes those who weren’t). These stories have become the history of the battle.

I will come into the class as a Royal Marine from the Battle of Trafalgar and tell my story to set the scene. The class will then work together in groups through a game where they create their own story of a fictional ship in Nelson’s fleet and the part they played in it. Just because a story isn’t true doesn’t mean it can’t be a good one…

To find out more or to book a session please get in touch

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