Curriculum Areas

I offer sessions in a number of different curriculum areas. Each is available in a selection of historical periods. Follow the link to find out what is on offer.

Remember: all sessions are bespoke. What you see here is the starting point we build from. If you want something a little different from these options, we can work together to produce something that suits your needs.


Whichever period you choose I will bring history alive when I come into the classroom in the uniform of a Royal Marine of the time. I will bring with me the tales of individual Marines who took part in the conflict so your students will discover the true stories of real people who took part. I will use their stories to illuminate the experiences of soldiers in general giving your class a real, first hand understanding of the realities of war.

This personal approach creates a real impact with the names and stories of these men staying with students for years afterwards!

Trafalgar (coming soon)





Royal Marines have been telling stories for over 350 years. In these sessions I will use those stories as a launch pad for the students’ creativity. Dressed in the uniform of your chosen period, I will guide the class to uncover real stories of Royal Marines who were there before embarking on their own creative journey. We use innovative yet storybuilding games where students work together to create stories that build on each other’s ideas.

The results of these games never fail to surprise and delight.

Trafalgar (coming soon)





History and computing may not seem the most natural match but technology is part and parcel of how modern museums tell stories.

I will come into your class in the uniform of a Royal Marine of your chosen conflict and introduce the stories of the people who were there.

That is only the starting point. The class will then be set group tasks to use the technology and objects to create their own interactive museum exhibit that will tell everyone about one aspect of the topic.

Harnessing both their creativity as well as their problem solving skills and the knowledge they have gained the results are often inspiring.

WWI (coming soon)

WWII (coming soon)



Singing has always been an important part of Royal Marines culture but, in the age of sail, songs were vital to getting the job done. I will lead the group in singing a selection of shanties, explaining the significance of the words as we go.


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